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Once best friends, now have become enemies. Welcome to Jacob's life. No friends, no family, nobody. He is alone. 8 months ago, his brother was kidnapped and taken away by his ex-friend, Henry. After recent evidence found, Jacob knew he must go after Henry.

Henry is sick. He is in need of help. He has something in common with Jacob, loneliness. Henry lives deep within the abandoned forest. No one lives anywhere near him. The only 3 things Henry has is a home, a pet, and Rodger, Jacob's brother.

Rodger is locked up in a small shed. There are 7 locks and a wooden board blocking the door. The windows are also boarded up. Rodger has no escape. The only thing able to save him is Jacob. Help Jacob and Rodger see each other again.

There is one more character, Emily, the sister of Rodger and Jacob. She had ran away from home a few years back. She is in contact with Henry. Why is that?

Where are Jacob and Henry's parents? They had died a very long time ago. It is just Rodger and Jacob who are keeping the family together. However, it is possible to reunite with Emily.

- WASD to move around
- Q to interact with objects
- E to skip cutscenes and more
- G to toggle flashlight


- Jacob - The protagonist
- Henry - The antagonist
- Rodger - Jacob's brother
- Emily - Jacob and Rodger's sister


- Keys
- Potion
- Axe
- And much more!


  • Good Ending
  • Bad Ending
  • Worst Ending
  • Forgotten Ending
  • Insanity Ending

Search everywhere! Find all 7 keys along with a special potion to save Rodger! Anything can be anywhere!

Be on the lookout for Henry! He may sneak up on you!

**NOTE: If you use the axe to defend yourself against Henry, the axe can only be used 3 times!**

Main Soundtrack: Ghosts in the Wind by Abstract Audio

*Some sounds were obtained from ZapSplat, OrangeFreeSounds, and SoundBible. Thank you to these websites for providing some of the sound effects for the game!


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I actually had a great time playing this it was hilarious and scary at times